With over half a million people in the UK finding freedom on the mobility scheme, we needed to give the site a new lease of life too…



Motability allows disabled people to use their government-funded mobility allowance to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair. But the insurance site was becoming old and a little out-dated, and didn’t feel as appealing and user- friendly as it should.

We split the project into three deliveries; provide an online claims notification tool, enable mid-term policy amends, and provide a new look and feel to their brochureware pages.

The claims solution
We needed to provide somewhere for customers to register claims, outside of the call centre opening hours.  The requirement was to provide an image upload function for customers, so that claims handlers could make a more accurate judgement on the cause of accident.

We delivered this in a fully responsive site, meaning customers can register claims easily from their mobiles.  It also had to be fully accessible; we’ve achieved AAA rating for this.

Our new design was not only more accessible to the customer base, but incorporated more relevant content, allowing customers to find the help they need, without having to pick up the phone.