MT_Tablets_1This project had three main purposes;  create a simpler and more logical content flow, improve the content management platform, and provide a structure that supported a new brand look and feel in a modular ‘Atomic Design‘ fashion.

Starting with data and analytics, our UX and content teams came up with a new IA that was centred around user-behaviour.

Now that we had a content structure, and style, we needed to bring it all together. Our UX team needed to test their functional prototype, and the UI team needed to test their ideas; so we put some initial page designs online to see how the new brand felt in the hands of customers. Testing allowed refinement, until we had beautiful visual MVP designs which were proven to improve click-through rates.

Since launching the MVP site results have really paid off, we’ve seen sales conversion increase for home, pet and motor insurance.

It’s not only the sales results that are great – we’ve seen more existing customers start claims online or go into their account space, which helps to reduce call volumes and pave the way for increasing online servicing behaviour.