With a new Travel insurance provider selected, our digital team had a miniscule timeframe in which to build a new web journey and launch the product.  Eeek!


We were lucky that the Hood group, our new insurance provider were really great and wanted to work collaboratively. We kept the team small so we could move very quickly.

After an initial experience review by our UX team, we created prototypes of keys pages and provided styleguides for all UI elements. Then our design and developers paired up to iterate the build until launch.   The journey is fully responsive. And it’s really very nice.




Award-nominated campaign

To launch the product, we decided to leverage our existing customer base and create awareness via our monthly customer newsletter e mail.  We published a series of rich travel blog articles with which would draw customers into our site – the attraction of a sandy beach or two never fails!  We already had news and features on our site for Pet, Home and Car, so travel felt like a natural progression for us.



Buddying Up

The final idea to ensure our travel cover offered more than just help in the event of an incident, was a Travel Buddy app. Allowing you to organise, plan and prepare for your trip, the app lets you build your packing list, keep track of your travel plans, and learn all about the local area before you go.  It also becomes your concierge whilst you’re away, with maps, local guides and reviews.  A helping hand indeed.

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