The widespread use of smartphones for research and purchase is our digital reality and no longer just a passing trend. As a result, customer-centric companies like our partner John Lewis are putting focus onto their mobile customer experience.

This is where we came into play.

As it stood the John Lewis Pet Insurance mobile experience was our desktop journey.


Needless to say it wasn’t user-friendly. And as traffic volumes via mobile device account for some 43% of site visits, the need to adapt to a mobile customer journey was a necessity.

The scrum team set on their mission by developing wireframes to illustrate the mobile device journey by laying out each page along with interactions. Next, John Lewis brand guidelines were applied collaborating with their design team to confirm all was on brand.

Finally we handed the project and requirements over to the developers to do their thing.


The results are now live. John Lewis Pet Insurance, one of the great British brands has a mobile journey consistent with their customer centric brand values and customers have a better avenue to purchase pet insurance and we’re all purrfectly pleased.