Its smiles all round at Argos, the home of happy pets


Success is often a result of working together to achieve more. In the case of a recent redesign of the Argos Pet website we lived and breathed this principle.

The website looks phenomenal and is now mobile optimised across the quote and buy journey and customer self–service area. “Argos is a very important Partner for our business. This new website is all about focusing on their end customers,” says Allan Potter; Head of Digital for Retail Partners. “The whole project was focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the Argos customers and creating a website that reflects their needs. One of those key needs is accessibility through mobile devices, which accounts for almost 30% of all visits.”


Our confidence in the website will surely result in improved conversion and an increase in customer satisfaction. The other successful result of this project is the team of people that made this all possible which included over seven business teams across RSA.


“The redesign of Argos website is a great example of our #Together principles in action.” Says Mark Brinksman; RSA Strategic Partnerships Manager, “Through our intimate understanding of Argos’s business we have developed a first class solution. We absolutely met our commitment to deliver an enhanced customer experience, which in turn will provide improved commercial returns.”





Matt Blakeley from the Argos Home Retail Group states, “The new quote and buy platform enhances the customers overall experience when using our website. The RSA team have created a consistent look and feel throughout, whilst considering usability across all devices to make our customers lives even easier.”


This project has proven how working across business teams in an agile working manner empowers people, offers flexibility and minimises constraints. The results are best in class results.