It’s been some time since this email dropped into your inbox.  I can only apologise.  But I’ve been busy working with Meghan and Rob to ensure that we’re evolving the content to make it more engaging for you.

Not one to shy away from constructive feedback, I took your comments and spent some time with Meghan to address the issues.  As a content team we’re always striving to create something that people want to read.

Here’s what you told us, and how we’ve addressed it:

“Make it more visual”

As we’ve got some great photographers in the team and a thriving Instagram account, we’re going to make better use of this. Please take some shots when you’re out and about at workshops or conferences (or even just in the office), and we’ll create a central place to store the pics.  We’ll then share them in this email!

“Make it less frequent”

We all get more than enough emails, so we’ll only send this once a month (in between team meetings) to keep you all updated.

“Make it more personal”

We’ve decided to kick-off each email with a blog post from someone in the team. Less about the destination (business results), and more about the journey we’re all on together (and our day to day experiences). If you’re interested in writing one of these please let me know.

“Make it less of a list of activities”

As part of the RSA Digital content strategy, our plan is to feature the latest blog posts you’ve been writing, or the latest projects we’ve delivered. Let’s share our successes, with each other and the wider team, because we’ve got some great things to share.

So here we are.  Thanks to Rob for creating the new design.  I’m sure you’ll agree it looks great, but there’s always room to improve, so send any feedback through to me!