Announcing the COO’s ‘Better working week’, 21st to 25th November

Every week across the COO we spend lots of time travelling between RSA sites to meet our colleagues. Sometimes there are good reasons for this, but often we could do things differently, and make use of digital technologies, like Lync.

We’re starting with a ‘No travel challenge’

We want the COO to spearhead a new way of doing things.

To get things moving we’re setting you a challenge – a week without travel.

This is our chance to set an example to the rest of the business, making full use of the digital technologies available. This will create a better working week, with fewer early starts, more time with our loved ones, lower costs for our business, and reduced impact on the environment.

The potential is enormous.



What this means for you

During the week of 21st to 25th November please avoid travel wherever possible.
There are just 3 simple things you need to know:
  1. We’d like you to make use of the many alternative ways of communicating available – Lync, conference calls, Yammer, email, video-conferencing, etc.
  2. If you absolutely have to travel and no other way will do then we can make exceptions, but we should keep these to a minimum and we’d like you to get your line managers’ approval in advance.
  3. If you already have travel booked which can’t be re-arranged without incurring costs, it’s still OK to go ahead. But again, we would like you to let your line manager know.


What this will achieve

Doing this for one week will encourage us all to get to know the tools at our disposal.
It will also teach us valuable lessons about how we can do this more widely across the UK business.
It’s a small and simple step towards a better working week with a reduced environmental impact, something which all of us can rally around.
Please give this your support – the more effort we make the better the outcome will be.


Any questions?

If you would like to know more then please drop a line to Stuart Booth, UK Director of Digital
And, if you’d like guidance on how to use Lync this page has lots of information.