It’s been an interesting few weeks.

I’ve been doing the Together road-shows with the Intermediated Leadership Team for the last few weeks – and have Chipping Norton next Monday.

Once I was into my stride with the presenting (if anyone saw the first session here in Horsham, I apologise – haha) I really enjoyed it!

As part of the Together strategy we have five steps to success which are:

  • Latest technology to make us even better
  • Effort where it counts
  • Amazing place to work
  • Being brilliant in everything we do
  • Think, talk and act like the market leader

There’s a whole load of plans which surround these steps – many of which we in Digital are involved with – and if we execute the plans within these, we believe it’ll help us get to 90% satisfaction across the Together principles of Intimacy, Delivery & Vision.

Three Principles, five steps – you still with me?!

What I found most enjoyable about these events, so far, was when the team leads and coaches in Peterborough presented back to us all the things they’ve been doing so far this year on delivering against these steps to success.  The enthusiasm, energy and engagement was amazing and really inspiring actually.

These aren’t massive projects but a whole load of small changes which they are making to their processes, working environment and use of technology.  A bit like us continually changing and optimising our websites.  I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t been to one of our centres to go – the atmosphere is great and what you learn sitting listening into calls and speaking to our Customer Managers is priceless.

So, looking forward to Chippy Norton on Monday, but sandwiched in the middle I’ve got the Stone Roses tomorrow night at Wembley.  Have it!