Awesome content – it’s in the cards!


I’m always encouraging content creators to challenge their work. To get them thinking more about the why and how, not just the what.

Keen to create some sort of mental ‘checklist’ they could run through before putting their content out into the world, I explored a few options.

It seems times have moved on a bit from handing out laminated checklists, and the online tools I’ve created just don’t seem to be used as frequently as I’d like.

So step forward prompt cards. Small, beautiful, and easy to keep close at hand. Critique cards are commonly used by designers, but I’d not seen any content versions.

I brought some key content principles to life through a series of open-ended questions. The sixteen cards are designed to get the user thinking about:




Simplicity & Clarity


Design & Content working together


User testing

Customer insight

The next step was bringing my content to life through design — step forward Martyn Reding; not only a content advocate but a pixel perfectionist too.

We’ll be using the cards:

    • By individuals during the day-to-day content creation process
    • In workshops to assist participants through writing exercises.
    • In peer review sessions to assist conversations

Initial feedback from my team has been great, and we’re really keen to test them with some other teams in the business to see how useful they find them!