Ashlea Eagle describes a very analytical hack day!

Posted by eirenvargas on 02/06/2017 in Analytics

Following in the footsteps of our digital peers this was our first ever analytics hack day.  Our goals were to:

  • Work on the things we just didn’t have to time to do at our desks
  • Come out with some insights or solutions that will benefit (if not astound) the digital team
  • Improve performance on our websites

We arrived at the achingly cool Brighton digital agency early in the morning.  The meeting room was set up like a living room so I promptly took my shoes off and started eating biscuits.

We came well prepared with individual tasks so that we could hit the ground running.

Martin and Matt looked into profiling the people who attempt to buy on our sites. Rik’s task was to set up tracking so that we could understand screen orientation on portable devices. Anna set up online video tracking – as well as loads of alerts – so we know before everyone else whether we have a conversion issue. And my task was to come up with a communication strategy to ensure the digital team gets the most out of analytics.





I began by reviewing the responses from a survey I’d sent out to my colleagues asking them two very broad questions:

  1. What information can analytics provide you with to help you do your job brilliantly?
  2. How would you like this presented to you?

I wrote the responses out onto (what felt like 1,000) Post-it notes (we’re classically digital like that), and it quickly became clear that everybody wanted a lot of different information in many different ways.  This is understandable given the wide-ranging skill sets in the digital team, but daunting none the less.

I grouped the responses into the WHATs and the HOWs to come up with some key themes.  These ranged from quarterly deep-dive review sessions to fun, random facts delivered on a big screen.

I presented the themes back to my team for feedback.  There was a lot to consider and we were wary of promising too much.  This has left us with much to aspire to and it’s our new mantra to ensure we are delivering brilliant insight to our team members and the organisation as a whole.

The hack day gave us breathing room to remember the importance of regular communication with our team members and show that we’re not just number-crunchers.  We can deliver insight that can help people understand how their designs and copy are working, what problems to fix as well as generating new ideas.

We had a great day and we got loads done.  Though I did eat far too many biscuits.