Martin Firth’s getting digital analytics on the agenda

Posted by eirenvargas on 15/05/2017 in Analytics

Martin Firth

Recently I had the honour of presenting at the inaugural Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference in the luxurious surroundings of the Millennium hotel in west London.  My presentation covered:

  • Getting digital analytics on the agenda
  • Digital analytics and new behavioural measures
  • Using CRO to prove analytics value

I was in good company with the programme featuring senior analytics leaders from many top UK brands such as Barclays, BT, TravelSupermarket, Boots and Santander.

It was a long day but a fascinating insight into the latest thinking and activity in the analytics world.

The subjects ranged from multi-channel and cross device analytics, personalisation and customer expectation through to the advanced disciplines of data science and artificial intelligence.  Though I missed some of the talks due to my commitments a constant theme throughout was the opportunity and challenges faced by multiple customer contact points and the need to do what is right for customers rather than trying to be clever with your data and design for the sake of it.

We’re in it together

It was also comforting to hear the same challenges being faced by many of the businesses, for example linking data, getting stakeholder buy in, and personalising customer experiences across channels.

We had a few vendors showcasing their products which is part and parcel of the conference world. It can be a bit of a minefield with so many tools offering to solve all your woes..

The main points that I took away…

  • People prefer human interaction
  • Digital channels can offer a personal touch , but there are still privacy concerns
  • Don’t neglect customer choice in the pursuit of digital transformation , it’s not your journey but the customer’s
  • How to get buy in from senior management by understanding the needs of the specific stakeholder and communicating like a ‘Marketer’ – it was debated how easy this is for analysts, who are generally known to be introverted and cynical in nature
  • In a world of ever more advanced analytics and technological opportunity, it is still about generating insights that can add value to customer experiences

Motoring on

The most memorable presentation for me was from the charismatic Nick King of Auto Trader who intrigued us first by announcing his rock star credentials in a previous life – then gave an entertaining performance about the car trade business.

He shared a future world of connected cars and how the act of buying from a car dealer will radically improve, simplify and speed up thanks to personalisation.

He explained how online has changed buying behaviour – consumers from research to purchase showing their increasing aspirations and then repetitive behaviour.

In the near future you might expect to buy a car from Amazon or indeed Facebook, and the interesting insight that Sunday evenings post ‘Top Gear’ is Auto Trader’s busiest period of the week as viewers dream for a few minutes about owning a Bugatti Veyron!

A great experience all round

I received some great feedback from the event organisers and am grateful to them for the invitation and the help they provided on the day.  You can view the presentations here (you’ll need the password: CustAnalytics**Pres). It’s always nice to get comments too, such as:

“A good overview of digital analysing – very engaging and enjoyed the presentation. Useful confirmation that we are on the right lines.”

The whole day was good, and my colleague Matt offered:

Personally (and reassuringly) I learnt that we’re not really that far off from what a lot of our peers are doing. It seems they have similar challenges with data, and the age-old linking cross-device journeys. I enjoyed the Auto-trader guy, more-so for his “performance”, but I liked the way he highlighted the “back to basics” evolution of the IA being adopted across the likes of Amazon etc.”


Password: CustAnalytics**Pres