What’s in your workshop toolbox?

We run a lot of workshops. Our UX Designers are big believers in the power of collaborative, active sessions that get stakeholders involved. The ‘hands on’ exercises which allow team members to share their ideas, concerns and skills can cut right though hours of painstaking conference calls and documents, to quickly arrive at solutions that everyone is invested in.

Workshops have been a key part of our work for a long time. Over that time we’ve honed the tools we use in to a handy toolbox. Our workshop toolbox currently includes:

Post-it notes
This simple stationery item has become a mainstay design teams everywhere. We use them for getting groups of people to capture their ideas. Different colours denote categories or writers (make sure you peal them correctly, otherwise it upsets the researchers).

Index cards
Ideal for card sorting exercises to help build information architecture. Index cards allow us to shape and categorise information quickly and collaboratively.

Whiteboard markers, Sharpies & pencils
Writing, drawing, highlighting – it all gets very hands on. By starting with low fidelity sketches we can get out lots of ideas and move through concepts very quickly.

Masking tape & white tack
The keystone to a successful workshop is openly sharing, so we use the walls, windows, doors and sometimes floor to attach notes for everyone to see.

Design thinking cards
We have a growing library of workshop exercises that we can use to tackle different tasks. In our box we keep cards with de Bono’s six hats on and we’re currently trying out UXD Poker cards by our friends at Foolproof.