Content Manager Eiren Vargas explains how we create brand content

Content Management

More than ever before it’s harder to get brands noticed in a noisy and highly competitive digital marketplace. As a Content Manager, I’m passionate about utilising consumer insight to drive the delivery of digital content for MORE TH>N, one of our UK brands. So what does this involve?

I work closely with the brand, marketing, PR and product teams as well as their agencies. We create product themed campaigns and evergreen content to educate and inform our customers, website visitors and social communities.

Utilising data

To help us determine themes for our content calendar, we review search engine keywords and long tail search term volumes. Terms we’re typically interested in are often driven by the seasons, local or national events and consumer issues. Put simply, if lots of people are searching for it, we want to make sure we’re got it covered on our website.

We also want our website visitors to be able to find what they’re looking rather than picking up the phone (which ultimately creates bad demand for our call centres). Topical news is intrinsically linked with our insurance products such as the weather and diseases. The Zika virus and Alabama Rot have both recently been making the headlines so we needed to ensure our travel and pet customers were able to find answers to their questions about the impact of these on their insurance cover.

Monitoring traffic

We’re continuously monitoring user engagement data generated by our social media communities such as click through rates and social shares, as well as third party mentions. We keep ourselves informed of issues affecting our customers who often using these channels to communicate with us. Our customers can help us to optimise our content – this direct user feedback is invaluable.

Our analytics tools track visitor traffic to our site and onsite behaviours. Targeted marketing and brand activities direct people to our pages so it’s key that we’re monitoring this traffic. When a visitor clicks on a link to a blog article, we’re interested in whether or not they interact with the page by leaving a comment, or taking the action we’re encouraging them to do – such as booking a ticket or clicking on a related link.

Co-planning the content calendar

We endeavour to deliver content that engages, inspires, educates and informs. Our aim is to influence people to engage with us on a regular basis, and to ultimately become a loyal MORE TH>N customer. Sounds simple when you put it down on paper, but a lot of work goes into creating and maintaining our blog content. And it’s fair to say sometimes we don’t always get it right!

I meet with my MORE TH>N colleagues and their agencies on a quarterly basis. A detailed plan of the forthcoming three months is reviewed and we start to scope out future activities so we always have a six month plan to work with. The meeting is an open forum to discuss the customer research gathered as well as the business priorities at a brand and product level. Often in these discussions we’ll discount some ideas but bring new ones to the table for further investigation.

Content that captures the imagination

Helpful, engaging and unique content helps position your brand. From social sharing to blog posts, videos to infographics – every piece of digital content contributes to fulfilling this objective. Not only that, we’re striving to spark an emotional connection with people so they can relate to what they’re reading on their screens..

The award winning Happy Dog Project campaign invited our customers and social communities to describe their dog’s dream day. It then became a reality for three lucky winners. We witnessed our first winners become an internet sensation with over a million views of the dogs enjoying a snow day in their garden.
More recently the world’s first interactive dog exhibition took place in London. This unique event captured people’s imagination and was subsequently picked up by both national and international media – a far greater reach than we anticipated. We’re currently collating the engagements results for this activity. As with each one, we’ll look at what worked and what didn’t and take our learnings forward.

We’re in it for the long game

Our main aim is to grow awareness by allowing people to engage and share our targeted content. In my role, I work with my colleagues to ensure the MORE TH>N blog content supports these wider brand awareness activities – such as creating a landing page for a campaign or a long form article for a topical issue. They’re formulated based on consumer insight and optimised to increase their visibility for search engines crawling our website for relevant content.

If you’re interested in joining our content team in the future, why not drop us a note.