Fran Lannigan explains how we took risk management to the web


Since the beginning of the year we’ve been designing and building a beautiful new website for our Global Consulting UK Commercial Team. It’s been a great project to work on, and the website and questionnaire that is now live is receiving some great feedback.

I’d like to take a little time explaining why the website was needed, the process we went through to create it and what’s coming up in the future for this area of RSA.

The Challenge

Our Global Consulting UK Commercial Team had introduced a process whereby they gathered risk details from commercial policyholders via paper questionnaires, and then fed the results into a risk control programme.
These programmes not only help the policyholder to avoid preventable losses, they also help RSA; each completed risk improvement saves £4,000 in costs.
However, the process to complete was manually intense, it involved waiting for the questionnaires to be posted back to RSA, followed by a lot of re-keying of data. It was identified that if we introduce a website and moved the questionnaire online, we could provide policyholders with a much easier route to completing the targeted risk questions. It would also drastically reduce the manual admin, saving money. It also meant we’d have a ready means of market insight on our commercial risk, which would help us to profile our book of business, and better target resources and risk improvements. In addition, we’d be able to quadruple the number of risk questionnaires we could send out each year.

A number of teams from across the UK and abroad were involved in the project, and worked to deliver on time and to budget using Agile methodology.
The site is fresh and unique in that the online questionnaire has been designed using a new method of showing a single question on screen at a time. This makes completion user – friendly and engaging.
Here are some of the key tasks that took place to deliver this website.
– Workshops with stakeholders at our new London office to discuss the clients/business needs;
– Wireframes were created using prototyping software to work out the structure without getting distracted by specifics;
– We revisited the copy to ensure the questions were as easy to understand as possible
–  We user tested the wireframes to ensure what we were building was fit for purpose;
–  We converted all the wireframes to high fidelity mockups;
–  We completed mobile and tablet mockups.

What’s next?

We’re incredibly happy to tell you that our work with the Global Consulting team hasn’t ended with launching the new Risk Management website. Over the next 18 months, we’ll be designing and building a new ‘End Customer’ website for our policyholders bringing this fresh new look and considered usability to other parts of RSA.

We’re also looking at opportunities for us to develop this approach for other areas of the business such as Fleet and UK Commercial.

Fran is a Senior Designer at RSA.Digital.