The tale of a digital newbie


You could say that I’m a digital novice. My fundamental background is anchored in marketing having worked in finance for ten years, did a three-year stint in retail before I made my way back to the world of financial services here at RSA. And while I’ve created multi-tiered marketing plans, written content for the web and even posted it (using very user-friendly systems I may add), I remained a novice.

Nevertheless when I saw an internal job posting for a Content Manager within RSA’s Digital Team I was intrigued but unsure if I was the right candidate. But I said to myself, “self, digital’s the way forward and such a part of every aspect of our modern-day lives.” Plus I want to stay in the game, diversify my experience and take on new challenges so I decided to give it a go.

I tuned up my CV, posted for the job and was pleased when I got an interview. Before the meeting, I was tasked with revising content for a quote and buy journey to improve the customer’s experience. I prepped a lot, I primped a little and I hoped for the best. A few days later I got the call and they were willing to give the rookie a chance!

The rest as they say is history. It has all been rather busy and exciting working on a new customer journey that’s part of a wider business transformation initiative. This project allows me to leverage my product expertise and business processes using a digital-first approach.

Working in an agile Scrum manner has been great for me as I’m task oriented and love a good to do list or in this case, Scrum wall. We’re working smarter instead of harder, doing user testing as we create the journey to make sure what we’re building is customer centric and fit for purpose. Plus I’ve had the opportunity to do what I love most-write; while also learning how to publish content and the logistics that sit behind such as meta tags, redirects, path settings…oh the list goes on.

Some six months into it I’m still a novice but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s pretty exciting going to work each day knowing you’re going to learn something new. It keeps me on my toes and has helped me re-evaluate my writing style to be more succinct and conversational. Plus the team’s interesting, clever and passionate about what they do which is awesome – you don’t get that everywhere you work. So I’m glad that I took the chance (and that they took the chance on me) and look forward to the day when I get to pass the novice baton on to the next newbie.