Martin Firth explains how we drive action from real-time data

I love working in analytics.  It gives me the chance to discover new insights about consumer behaviour and challenge my team to see how we can make changes to meet the customer’s needs.

It’s also great to feel empowered to influence others – and make a difference to the work that the team do.  Working in digital allows us to report and make changes at high pace – vital in a world which is changing rapidly every day.  We have easily accessible up-to-the-minute information, meaning we can analyse and inform rather than spend time collecting and processing our data.

Driving action from real time data! That’s what digital analytics is all about!

Our team are lucky enough to have market-leading tracking software to monitor the performance of our digital platforms and visitor behaviour.   With this knowledge, our mission is to work closely with our UX, Design and Content colleagues, to help them understand what is happening, why, and most importantly, what action should we take to improve.

This means there’s lots of variety to our work; one day we might be producing beautiful reporting dashboards, or reporting on campaigns.  The next, we might be putting together AB testing programmes, or spotting insights that can help us identify business opportunities or even predict future trends.  Every day can be different and there is never a shortage of work for us to dive into.

Our analysts are inquisitive, enthusiastic and enjoy solving problems. Yes, some of us do like writing code and excel spreadsheets! , but it’s as essential to communicate well; after all what’s the point in making great discoveries if you can’t tell anyone about it.

So if you’re also analytically-minded, here’s a bit more about the toolkits we use:

We have Adobe Analytics™ tracking implemented across our multiple brand websites, which provides a constant view of our brand and product performance metrics .  Conversion analysis allows us to track key goals on the website such as quotes, sales, renewals, policy adjustments and many more.  Allied with segmentation analysis, we can monitor behaviour by our customer segments as well profile by mobile device, traffic type and customer demographics.

Adobe Target™ provides the framework for our digital optimisation strategy, enabling us to set up and run AB testing campaigns at pace and with agility.  Our analysts ensure that we have strong experimental design and robust reporting so we can be confident that any success is down to the changes that have been made.

Session recording tools allow us to watch ‘videos’, seeing exactly how visitors interact with our pages, scroll, and move around the site.  These amazing videos give a fascinating insight into visitor behaviour across different devices and browsers that we just don’t get from any other analytics. We generate activity heatmaps and form drop-out reports to show where attention is greatest or lacking, helping us to gain even deeper knowledge through these visual displays.

We also create online dashboards that can be easily shared with our stakeholders and clients, making key performance metrics available on demand.  Visual analytics makes data more digestible and easy to understand (even for people ‘who don’t do numbers’), and with a reporting app we can also take key information to business partners – wherever they are in the world.

Martin Firth is Head of Analytics at RSA.Digital